We’re a family owned business dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest health tracking & measurement equipment.

We make tracking health and fitness easy and accurate. We’ve been doing this for a while now and we’ve learned a whole load about health and fitness testing. We understand testing products inside out so can help you match the perfect solution for your needs. 

Some nice things people have said about us:

“I utilised the original CST for many years in the Fire and Rescue Service to assess the Vo2 level of thousands of firefighters with great success. CST 2 has all the advantages of the original test but with far more accurate and importantly, consistent results. State of the art software takes the guesswork out of result interpretation. Heart rates taken every minute has improved accuracy and consistency. TANAKA formula for over 40s has addressed any age biases.”

Tom Ashworth, Vice Chair. FireFit Steering Group

“Colin and Helen from Cartwright Fitness are a pleasure to work with, and I would not have any hesitation in recommending their products and service.”

Jim Blatcher, Service Fitness Advisor - Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Servicevice

“Colin and the team at Cartwright Fitness have been fantastic throughout. Their knowledge and helpful approach make Cartwright Fitness a pleasure to deal with! Highly recommend.”

Gareth Preston

“It is a pleasure to work with a company who not only believe in the products they sell but also care about the customers using the products. Without a doubt, in the future, CartwrightFitness will be my first choice supplier.”

Lynne McBrearty - A Fitter Life

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