New Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2)

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New Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2)

If you are looking to perform the Chester Step Test accurately, then the Chester step test app is perfect. The software calculator takes heart rate data every minute. The Chester Step Test Protocol provides a reliable assessment of aerobic capacity.

Professor Kevin Sykes developed it in 1998. The Chester Step Test protocol is a sub-maximal, multistage, aerobic capacity test. The test requires a step, heart rate watch and a test calculator.

This makes the test suitable for assessments where space and time may be tight. The test is also ideal for all ages and all levels of fitness.

The benefit of the Chester Step Test software is that it makes getting results from the test quick and easy.

The Chester step test app is used by the Fire & Rescue Service and Police Forces worldwide. The test is also used by the fitness industry, occupational health and education.

The Chester Step Test uses a variety of step heights which include:

This accommodates a broad range of ages and abilities and shows no gender-bias.

How do I access the Chester step test calculator software?

We used to provide the Chester step test download which worked on a desktop or laptop.

Since then we’ve updated the software to our latest cloud-based version. This means you can use the software on any device even a mobile phone or tablet.

The Chester step test audio is built into the software and Professor Kevin Sykes guides you through the whole test with an audio metronome beat to determine stepping rate.

It is the most portable aerobic step test and only requires:

If you have any questions about the Chester step test calculator contact us or call on 01244 343106


Chester Step


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