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  • An omron blood pressure monitor cuff, gray in color, with an instructional diagram on how to properly position the cuff on an arm.

    Omron Cuff

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  • Laptop showing a screen with text labeled "Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2) results," displaying various numbers such as heart rate, alongside a table and graphs.

    Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2)

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  • Blue aerobic Chester Step Single Step platform with a red and white logo reading "Chester Step" on the side, isolated on a white background.

    Chester Step Single Step

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  • A box labeled "Roche Accutrend Lactate Strips x 25" with 25 test strips indicated, next to an open container with test strips and the cap showing numerical codes. The packaging has medical and biohazard

    Roche Accutrend Lactate Strips x 25

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  • A red and blue Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer with a round dial displaying measurements up to 10 kilograms and a white plate for placing items to weigh.

    Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer

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  • An assortment of fitness instruments: a heart rate monitoring watch, a Chester Step Test Kit, and digital devices displaying health tracking software on a laptop and smartphone.

    Chester Step Test Kit

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  • Five rolls of Tanita Thermal Paper stacked together on a beige background, with the rolls varying slightly in size and one showing a red core.

    Tanita Thermal Paper

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  • Just Jump Mat Jump Height and Timing System

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  • An asthma inhaler spacer with a green body and a transparent mouthpiece, branded with the word "PowerLung Respiratory Trainers" in white text on a green background.

    PowerLung Respiratory Trainers

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  • sit and reach box

    Sit and Reach Box

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  • Wall Sticker Height Chart showing conversions between feet/inches and centimeters, from 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm) to 7 feet 1 inch (216 cm).

    Wall Sticker Height Chart

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  • A collection of blank puzzle pieces spread out, with each piece featuring a red printed word about Body Fat Electrodes in a repeating pattern that is cut off and not fully legible.

    Body Fat Electrodes

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