coospo heart rate monitor

#1 CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Review

Contents1 CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Overview2 CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Features3 CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Key Details4 CoosSpo Heart Rate Monitor FAQ’s5 Our CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Review6   CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Overview You have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive product review of the Coospo heart rate …

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harpenden skinfold caliper alternative

Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

What Is the Harpenden Skinfold Caliper? The Harpenden skinfold caliper is the de facto standard body fat assessment device due to it being used in numerous clinical studies over the last 25 years. Many of these studies have become benchmarks themselves for the study of obesity and body composition analysis hence the Harpenden skinfold caliper …

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Best Back Stretcher UK

Best Back Stretcher UK

One of the most chronically debilitating pains in the modern world is back pain. There are many reasons that your back can become stiff or sore: a bad injury, lack of exercises that help strengthen and support the body, or because of a long-term chronically bad posture (think staring down at your phone or laptop …

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How To Do A 15m Bleep Test

How To Do A 15m Bleep Test

Do you want to test your fitness or organize a bleep test for a group event? The bleep test is one of the most popular fitness tests for testing aerobic cardiovascular endurance for all ages and fitness levels, requiring little to no equipment. All that is required to perform a bleep test is a flat, …

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Flying 30m Sprint Test

Flying 30m Sprint Test

The flying 30-meter sprint test is a popular test used by everyone from beginners to world-class athletes to evaluate speed. While there is distance involved, the flying 30m sprint test is of overall sprinting speed and not distance. There is little to no equipment needed to conduct the flying 30-meter sprint. All that is required …

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How To Do The 505 Agility Test

How To Do The 505 Agility Test

The 505 agility test is a physical test used to measure the agility and 180-degree turning ability of an athlete. In general, the 505 agility test is beneficial for athletes who run in competitive events that involve shuttles or athletes who compete in sports that involve a lot of physical turning, such as basketball, football, …

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Abdominal Curl Test

Abdominal Curl Test

Do you want to put your abdominal strength to the test? The curl-up abdominal test is a great way to assess abdominal strength and endurance and it requires little to no equipment. If you are an athlete who wants to test your abdominal muscles or someone who is preparing for the military, the curl-up test …

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Is Dance A Sport

Is Dance A Sport?

Dance has become a popular form of exercise, especially for those who want to get fit or tone their bodies. But does dancing count as a sport? And if so, what kind of sport is it? Dancing is a great way to improve fitness and burn calories. In fact, research shows that dancing burns around …

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Oxygen Debt Explained - A Simple Guide

What is Oxygen Debt – A Simple Guide

Contents1 What is oxygen debt and what causes it?2 What Is Oxygen Debt?3 Oxygen Debt Vs Oxygen Deficit4 What Happens To The Body During Exercise?5 Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption6 How To Recover After Exercise7 Conclusion What is oxygen debt and what causes it? You might have come across the term oxygen debt while researching exercise …

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Performance Profiling

Performance Profiling

Performance profiles are used by sports psychologists to help athletes understand what qualities are needed for success. Athletes use these profiles to create training schedules that address weaknesses. Coaches use them to help identify strengths and weaknesses among players. As part of this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about performance profiling, …

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