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  • Web-Based Chester Treadmill Prediction Calculator
  • Use on any device, including phones and tablets
  • Save & print the results to PDF
  • Computer-generated line of best fit for accurate results
  • Integrated PAR-Q form

The Chester Treadmill Test Software

Chester Treadmill Test Software calculator predicts aerobic capacity. It does this by collecting heart rate data points, so you do not need to complete the 12 minutes to get a result.

Ideal for those following injury or if they are unable to complete the test yet due to fitness. Prediction software ensures accurate and repeatable aerobic capacity results every time.

The only Chester treadmill software accredited by Professor Kevin Sykes.

Chester Step Test or Chester Treadmill Test?

Chester Treadmill Test is an alternative to the step test and YMCA step test especially useful if stepping is tricky due to injury.

Performing Chester Treadmill Walk Assessment

The test requires the subject to walk at a constant pace of 6.2km/hr for up to 12 minutes. The gradient increases 3% every two minutes until the participant reaches 80& of maximum heart rate or an RPE of 14.

CTT-Performance is an alternative protocol one of the firefighter fitness assessments in the UK.

Fire & Rescue personnel must complete the 12 minutes to achieve the fitness standard. The test is best for those confident walking on a treadmill without support rails. Because of this, It is not suitable for older and less fit individuals.

Pre-Test Health Screening

Ensure there are no medical contraindications to the participants taking the tests. Most people do not need a medical check-up before taking this test. But, if there are any doubts about the individual’s suitability then consult a doctor.

Take a look at our five new Chester Step Test Editions.

  • Standard edition. With age and gender-related norm tables.
  • Firefighter Edition. For UK Fire Service.
  • Commercial Diver Edition. For use by International Accredited Medical Examination of Diver Officers.
  • Cardiac Rehab Edition. Currently under development with BACPR to include a 10cm step.
  • Home-Based Edition. For personal use on the bottom step of a set of stairs.


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