Wattbike FireFit Test

The Wattbike FireFit Test was developed following a standardised test to assist firefighters in assessing their cardio-respiratory fitness levels. This test is part of a range of tests available for firefighter fitness assessments. 

From 2017 to 2019, the National Fire Chief’s Council and Wattbike scientists conducted extensive research and testing to determine the best method for assessing firefighting fitness. All district fire departments have implemented standardised testing to evaluate the cardiovascular fitness levels of all service personnel.

Musculoskeletal health and fitness are crucial to reducing the large number of work many Firefighters in the field develop. Such ailments are costly and can be significantly reduced with tailored off feet conditioning such as the watt bike can deliver, such as their professions continue. The benefit of the Wattbike test means that firefighters can continue to train and be evaluated without risking additional harm, allowing them to become fitter firefighters.

All Wattbike Firefit tests can be captured and recorded in the ProHealth Analytics FireFighter Software. Schedule a demo here. 

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