vo2 max testing

VO2 Max Test & Submaximal Testing

Get a VO2 max test at our Chester based clinic. The test can give accurate, customised training programmers for any athlete, runner or cyclist. This is based on a detailed Vo2 assessment, heart rate and ventilation data. Our state of the art Cosmed equipment  can:
  • Maximise the efficiency of your training
  • Prevent overtraining
This fully interactive test takes around 45 minutes and is designed to maximise your efficiency for:
  • General improvement in overall fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Improved speed
  • Improved endurance
  • Injury prevention
What is involved:
  • Detailed Vo2, heart rate, speed and ventilation data recorded every 15 seconds
  • Maximal oxygen consumption
  • Anaerobic threshold detection – showing your ability to work at peak performance
What you receive:
  • A detailed training plan based on your individual test data
  • Your personal training zone thresholds for the effective use of a heart rate monitor. These include:
    • Fat Burn Zone
    • Endurance Zone
    • Threshold Zone
    • Vo2 Max Zone
  • Energy expenditure including activity calorific cost (how many calories you burn in your sport)
The test is priced at £120 per person. To book onto this service or for more information, please get in touch below or call 01244 343106.

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