Ultrasound Science Kit

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What is the Ultrasound Science Kit?

The Ultrasound Science Kit is a unique “hands on,” learning tool for students. The equipment helps prepare students for careers in physics, engineering and medical sciences.

Physics and Engineering

  • Learn about ultrasound, sound waves, and the differences between continuous and pulsed devices.
  • Collect, analyse, discuss and interpret data to measure sound speed in different materials.
  • Learn how ultrasound can produce cross-sectional images.
  • Use ultrasound to identify and quantify hidden material defects.

Anatomy, Physiology and Health

  • Learn and discuss how ultrasound can produce anatomical cross-sectional images.
  • Capture, and analyse cross-sectional scans to identify fat and muscle layers.

Box Includes:

IntelaMetrix A-Mode ultrasound device is operating at 2.5 MHz. This safe and compact device plugs into your computer USB port (Windows, Android and Mac). Durable and robust components make it practical for classroom setting

What Curriculum and Teaching Aids do I Receive?

The Ultrasound Science Kit comes with everything a teacher needs for course implementation:
  • Common Core aligned lesson plans for Grades 9-12 that include Access for All students.
  • Introductory Waves & Ultrasound PowerPoint
  • Step-by-step PowerPoint Lesson for students.
  • Student Worksheets.
  • Sample quizzes.

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