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UK Police Fitness Test

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What are the fitness requirements for the police UK ?

If you want to become a Police officer in the UK, you must meet certain fitness requirements to perform your duties effectively. In general, successful candidates must be able to complete specific fitness tests that evaluate both aerobic fitness levels and muscular strength and endurance.

These tests typically involve things like running for long periods of time or completing multiple bouts of high-intensity exercises, such as pushups and situps. Additionally, to ensure that candidates have what it takes to be physically resilient and respond quickly in stressful situations, they may also be required to complete other assessments such as obstacle courses or critical incident simulations. Ultimately, meeting the necessary fitness standards is a critical first step toward becoming a member of law enforcement in the UK.

What is the JRFT?

One of the fitness requirements for police uk is known as the job-related fitness test or JRFT is a modified version of the multi-stage fitness test also known as bleep test or shuttle run designed for a Police officer to measure endurance and fitness. The job related fitness test has been adapted so the test can be performed in police establishments where space may be limited. 

It is based on scientific research to match the aerobic demands of PST (Brewer, J. (2004) research into fitness for the police service. Lilleshall sports injury and human performance centre)

The Job related fitness test JRFT is the same as that used in Police forces for recruiting British police officers designed by the College of Policing.

Level of intensity for the fitness test: Maximal

Level Of supervision: Intermediate

Pre-test conditions for the Police Service test

  1. Ensure there are no medical contraindications that would prevent moderately vigorous exercise. 
  2. Ensure the subject is ready for exercise, i.e. has not eaten smoked or drunk tea or coffee for at least 2 hours before the test. 
  3. Ensure that the subject is not recovering from illness or has a cold, or is taking any medications that may affect heart rate, for example, beta-blockers. 
  4. The subject should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. 
  5. well ventilated room with a temperature between 18c – 20 c (60 – 80F)

Subjects should fill in a PARQ physical readiness questionnaire and/ or a content to exercise form. If the subject answers yes to any questions, vigorous exercise testing should be postponed. Medical clearance may be necessary. 

6 Suitable footwear which will prevent slipping. 

Equipment Required For The Fitness Test. 

Flat non-slip surface of at least 20 metres (a 15 metre section for the run and 2.5 metres each end for the turn)

Fitness Test Procedure 

The test requires the subject to run 15 metres in time with the beep from the CD recording. The subject must place 1 foot behind the 15-metre mark at the end of each shuttle. 

The 15-metre distance is measured and marked at the end with cones

After the subject has warmed up, start the CD and get the subject(s) to follow the instructions to start. If a subject arrives before the beep, they must wait for the next beep to resume running in the opposite direction. A subject who fails to reach the end of the shuttle before the beep should be allowed 2 or 3 further shuttles to attempt to regain the required pace before being withdrawn. Record the level and number of shuttles completed at the subject’s withdrawal. 

Police Fitness Requirements UK 2022 For Various Roles

Unit Level
Fail <5:4
Minimum Standard, Marine Police 5:4
CBRN, Method Of Entry 5:4
Dog Handler, Mounted Branch 5:7
Unit Level
Police Cyclist 5:8
Police Support Unit 6:3
Air Support 6:4
Police Diver 6:8
Unit Level
Marine Police (Tactical Skills) 7:2
Authorised Firearms Officer 7:6
Armed Response Vehicle 9:4
Dynamic Intervention AFO 10:5

The Job related fitness test is one of many  police fitness test requirements uk Police services use. Another polular submaximal test is the Chester Step and Chester Treadmill Police Walk Test both designed by Professor Kevin Sykes. We’ve developed a range of products that make performing Chester Step test easier and accurate. These tools include. 

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