Wattbike Trainer / Pro

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The result of over seven years’ development, Wattbike is a user-friendly exercise bike that feels as close to real cycling as you can get.

It can be used for every kind of cycling from rehabilitation and Olympic training to online racing, making it suitable for riders of all abilities and ages, providing accurate and consistent performance data. It’s also great for interactive group racing.
The Wattbike is astoundingly accurate; they ensure you make the most of your data, during every session.

Two Wattbike versions are available. The Wattbike Pro and the Wattbike Trainer. Both the same apart from gearing. The Pro has a bigger gear ratio and is suitable for higher-level workouts and those who are fitter. The Trainer has a lower gear setting designed for general use and extended endurance sessions.

Used by many of the Worlds best athletes for cycle-specific or off feat conditioning.

What makes Wattbike ground-breaking isn’t only the realistic feel of the ride. Wattbike captures performance data across 29-parameters up to 100 times per second

The performance computer gives data that is usually only available to elite athletes. Every bike provides comparable information; it means you can compare your performances.

The bike comes boxed with a 2-year warranty. There is an additional charge of £150 for the bike to come assembled.


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