Ultrasound Body Composition Assessment

£80.00 Inc VAT


Losing weight on the scale may seem like you are making progress, but in most cases, this loss is water weight.

Water weight loss provides no benefit to health and wellness; in fact, this can be detrimental. Plus in most cases as soon as you re-introduce a food group, often carbs, the weight comes back on. By tracking body weight and fat thickness using ultrasound we can see the fat loss even if the scale weight remains the same.

Each 30-minute assessment gives you a clear and accurate picture of our body’s health. During the process, we can also assess asymmetry that can be a contributing factor to injury.

After the detailed and non-invasive assessment, you will get a full report. This can help you track and manage your health and fitness goals with ease.

The report also highlights disease risk factors such as CHD, stroke and diabetes. All linked to body fat levels.

The test is £80 per person. To book onto this service or for more information, please get in touch with us today on 01244 343106.


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