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Timing Gates

£1,800.00 Inc. VAT

  • Easy to use software so you can start to use it right away
  • Includes two electronic timing gates (4 IR-devices)
  • Connect wirelessly to your Android tablet or smartphone
  • Torso Detection Technology prevents false pre-hand breaks for more accurate results
  • Option to buy more gates and tripods

Timing Gate Overview

Beam Trainer uses electronic timing gates that connect wirelessly to your Android tablet or smartphone. The timing gates will automatically connect to your hand-held device as soon as you turn them on. You can start timing in minutes by setting up the timing gates and turning them on.

FSL supplies two Beam Trainer packages:

The Athlete Set Beam Trainer package has two electronic timing gates (4 IR devices). The gates come with tripods. There is also a custom bag and a Beam Trainer app for your hand-held device. You can also purchase more gates to improve your training.

Timing Gate Features

  • We work hard to provide you with the most accurate photocell system, including Torso Detection Technology. This technology helps to prevent false pre-hand breaks and gives you the most accurate results.
  • You can get your test results quickly by sending them to an email address. You can also use the Excel file to make your statistics.
  • We’ve made our software easy to use. You can use it on an Android tablet or smartphone. To see how it works, download our free app.
  • Android apps are always getting better. We regularly update our apps with new features and improvements. So you can keep using the app and enjoy the new improvements as soon as they come out!

Timing Gate Key Details

Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 700 mm
Weight: 10kg

This product could be used in conjunction with the Polar Kit or Coospo Heart Rate Monitors to track heart rate data.

Weight10 kg




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