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Takei Vertical Jump Meter

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The Takei Jump Meter measures how high someone can perform a standing jump. It includes an adjustable waist belt that connects to the jump test mat that makes testing fast and accurate.

  • The Most Portable Jump Measurement Device Available
  • Easy To Use
  • Large Easy To Read Display

Takei Vertical Jump Mat

The Takei Vertical Jump Meter is an easy to use jump measurement system. The user stands on the rubber mat and fits the belt around their waist. The strap connects to the mat with a measurement cord used to measure the vertical jump height.

One of the main benefits of this system is that it is portable. The mat is easy to store, and you can take it anywhere by rolling it up. The device measures the vertical height of a jump, without the need for a wall fixing the equipment.

The height of each jump measurement is displayed on an easy to read LCD screen. The system is perfect for sports training and the development of plyometrics. Popular in power and speed sports like athletics, basketball and football, the Takei Jump Mat gives an accurate measurement of timing jump height using a recoiling tape measure.

The Takei 5406 reduces the variability of the arm’s length in the standard vertical jump test.

Takei Vertical Jump Meter Features:

  • Measures vertical jump height
  • Excellent for assessing leg strength and power

Vertical Jump Test Equipment Kit Includes

  • Jump meter
  • Rubber plate
  • Instructions

Technical Specification:

  • Measuring range: 5 to 99 cm when the height of the belt is 110cm
  • Smallest Measurement Unit: 1 cm
  • Accuracy: /- 2cm
  • Power supply: Lithium cell
  • Operation time: about 5000 hours of continuous operation – 0perating environment from 5 to 35 degrees, a relative humidity of 80 % or lower
  • Total Product Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Waist Belt & Measurement Unit: 400g

Vertical Jump Height Normative Data is available here.

Got a question about the Takei Vertical Jump Meter Call us on 01244 343106.

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