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Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer

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The Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer measures peak pull force of the large muscle groups.

These include:

  • Legs
  • Trunk
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer Overview

Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer is an easy-to-use device that measures muscular strength in the leg muscles and back. The Takei Dynamometer can assess various populations, including athletes, older adults, and people with disabilities. The Takei Dynamometer is a reliable and valid measure of strength, making it an essential tool for athletes, researchers and clinicians.


leg muscle dynamometer

Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer Features

Both the Takei back and leg muscle dynamometers have large displays. You can choose an analogue device or a digital design with an integrated LCD screen for showing measurements. The dynamometer is for assessing trunk and leg strength. Due to its design, it provides an accurate and safe way to take measurements.

It features an adjustable chain to accommodate all different user heights. The dynamometer measures the peak pull force of the large muscle groups; these include Legs, Trunk, Shoulders and Arms.

  • Safe and accurate measurements
  • Adjustable chain to allow for individual height differences.
  • Accommodates a range of subject heights

Takei Back and Leg Dynamometer Key Details

Range: 20.0-300.0kg
Graduation: 0.5kg
Accuracy: /-6.0kg force
Display: LCD in 4 digits
Power Supply: 2 x Dry battery (SUM-4)
Dimensions: 315mm x 315mm x 328mm

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Weight4.2 kg
Display Type

Analogue 5002, Digital 5402



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