Seca CT320 ECG (USB)

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Easily integrate the Seca CT320 into your daily routine. Connect the USB into your desktop computer or laptop and get a fully functional interpretive ECG right away. Record all twelve leads of the ECG with a sampling rate of up to 4000Hz. Then send the data to your EMR for easy access by your whole team.

The seca CT320 ECG with USB connectivity acquires ECG data on any computer/laptop. This allows you to transfer patient’s ECG reports to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

The Seca ECG is compatible with all leading EMR systems, e.g., emis, SystmOne, vision, isoft and others.

Seca cardio software exports a pdf ECG file to a destination of your choice. This makes it easy to attach to EMR or for e-mailing to specialist ECG centres. The Seca CT320 comes with: USB connection cable, patient cables, alligator clips, 500 disposable electrodes, Seca cardio software (no licence fees).

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