PowerLung Sport Active Series

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  • Offers the highest levels of resistance
  • Designed for elite athletes
  • For those engaged in strenuous, competitive training
  • This model is not suited for the casual user
  • Recommended for Ages 17 and Up

Respiratory training for high-level exercisers and athletes

PowerLung products are respiratory trainers, designed to be used for exercise and training of the respiratory muscles. They use a method known as threshold resistance to train and strengthen the respiratory muscles that support your breathing. There are four models in the PowerLung range, this is the Sport model which offers the highest level of resistance, each designed to improve respiratory muscle endurance dependant on your level of activity.

The PowerLung Sport?model has the highest resistance out of all the PowerLung products making it the one for elite athletes and top performers. Breathing will feel more comfortable and easier, giving you a competitive edge in your sport or activity. It is an effective and efficient tool to add to your training regime, allowing you exercise and train your respiratory muscles while resting other muscles in your body.

The device will train your inhale and exhale muscles, both vitality important in the breathing movement. PowerLung Sport model has been proven to increase lung capacity by 25% and respiratory power by 20%. By using the PowerLung device as little as 5-10 minutes, just twice a day, it will help you to breathe deeper, reduce breathlessness and build endurance.

Please note, PowerLung products are designed to be used for exercise and training only. Any other use is not recommended. PowerLung products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition. Consult your GP before using PowerLung.

How PowerLung Works

There are muscles that support your breathing. Just like any other muscle in your body, the best way to make them stronger and more efficient is to strength train them. Imagine a person who trains or exercises with weights, machines or exercise bands. When a person is training, he or she must ?work? against something, a resistance.

Increase lung capacity with PowerLung

In this case, lifting and lowering the weight. The weight creates a workload ? resistance ? for the muscles to work against and overcome. The more the person repeats the pattern of the exercise, the stronger his or her muscles become. As it becomes easier to do the exercise the person can increase the threshold to help make the muscles stronger.

That is threshold resistance, a proven method of training used only by PowerLung. When you breathe in and out through PowerLung, you are working against a threshold of resistance that is the same for every breath. You are not breathing through a restricted orifice where the load can be reduced just by changing the way you breathe.

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