Omron Small Cuff (17-22cm)

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  • Small Cuff
  • Cuff fits an arm circumference of 17 – 22cm.
  • Compatible with the M2 Basic, M2 Classic and M3 upper arm blood pressure monitors
  • Not compatible with Omron Comfort Cuff devices: M6 Comfort, M7 and M10-IT,  Omron MIT Elite and MIT Elite Plus

The Omron small cuff is for those who are upper arm circumference is between 17 – 22cm.

If you’re looking for a small, convenient cuff to use with your Omron blood pressure monitor, look no further than this Cuff! This cuff is specially designed to work with Omron monitors.

Using the correct cuff size improves the accuracy of blood pressure measurements. Classified as small or paediatric size, this cuff is suitable for the measurement of blood pressure in clients with arm circumferences of 17 to 22cm.

The Omron cuff small version is compatible with the following Omron blood pressure monitors:

Omron Large Cuff is also available.

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