Omron Large Cuff (22-42cm)

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  • Large cuff
  • Cuff fits arm circumference 32 – 42 cm
  • Compatible for the M2 Basic, M2 Classic and M3 upper arm blood pressure monitors
  • Not compatible for Omron Comfort Cuff devices: M6 Comfort, M7 and M10-IT
  • Not compatible for Omron MIT Elite and MIT Elite Plus

Omron Large Cuff for Omron Blood Pressure Monitor.

Classified as ‘large’ size, this Omron cuff is suitable for measuring a patient/client’s blood pressure with an arm circumference of 22 to 42 cm.

Using the correct size improves the accuracy of blood pressure measurements. This is compatible with the following blood pressure monitors by Omron:

  • M1 Classic
  • M2 Compact
  • MX2 Basic
  • M2 Basic
  • M2 Classic
  • MX3+
  • M3
  • M6
  • Solar
  • CP-II
  • 705IT


Using the correct size of cuff is essential to ensure the accuracy of your Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. To establish the cuff size for your Omron blood pressure monitor, use a tape measure and take a measurement around the upper arm while the arm is relaxed. Then select the correct size cuff when purchasing your Omron blood pressure monitor or when selecting other cuffs for measurement of a variety of users.

Omron BP Cuff Key Features 

  • Ensure accuracy with the correct fit – this optional accessory facilitates the selection of the size

Technical Specification:

  • Size: 22 to 42 cm arm circumference

If you need a larger size, the Omron arm cuff extra large is for arm circumferences measuring (42-50 cm). Please get in touch with us to order the Omron extra large cuff.

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