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NCF Abdominal Conditioning Test CD

NCF abdominal conditioning test is designed to assess strength endurance by repeating sit-ups; this audio CD provides a testing protocol and training programme for developing abdominal strength endurance.

The Abdominal Curl Strength Endurance Test is a conventional sit-up-based adaption of the successful bleep test. The general condition or tone of the abdominal muscles is a vital component of occupational fitness assessments and fitness for various sports.

The sit-up bleep test is perfect for football, rugby, athletics, hockey, racket sports, cricket and all other sports where turning, stretching, and impact forces experienced place a considerable load on the abdominal area.

NCF abdominal conditioning test involves the continuous performance of abdominal curls in time with an audio signal consisting of a beep emitted from the CD player. The Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test does not exclusively measure the abdominal muscles’ aerobic or anaerobic capacity.

The best description of the sit-up bleep test is that in the early stages, the muscles mainly work aerobically at slow rates of contraction but then begin to work anaerobically as the rate of contraction increases. Research carried out using this test on male and female members of international squads has shown that it can effectively differentiate between individuals with excellent or poor abdominal muscle conditioning.

The user booklet has been written as part of a package designed to describe the function and importance of the abdominal muscles within a sport. The sit-up bleep test simple field test to assess the general conditioning of the abdominal muscles, is also described, which can easily be conducted in conjunction with the enclosed audio CD.

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