Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap

£36.00 Inc. VAT

  • Data Transmitted from Chest Strap
  • Current, Maximum & Average Heart Rate Display
  • Watch Displays Time/Date & Heart Rate with Stopwatch and Alarm
  • Tracks Calories Burned

If you would like to monitor multiple heart rates at once take a look at the Polar h10 heart rate monitor

Keep check of your heart rate with this easy to read watch. The time and date are displayed as well as your current heart rate. A series of electrodes are built into a chest strap which continuously measures the heart rate and transmits that data to a separate watch-style wrist unit.

The Heart Rate Monitor will measure heart rate in three different ways – current, max and average – also acts as a calorie counter. The monitor also functions as a basic watch with a built-in alarm as well as a stopwatch and back-light.

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