Goniometer 12 inch (30cm) Model

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  • Measures range of motion of joints
  • Permanently impregnated markings
  • Records in inches or centimetres
  • Compact portable design
  • Long lasting vinyl plastic construction

This Large goniometer made from vinyl plastic with permanently impregnated markings. Used for measuring a range of motion at the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and wrist.

Goniometer measurements are taken in inches or centimetres. The goniometer is an excellent, portable piece of kit to measure flexibility and suppleness of joints.

If a patient or athlete experiences a decreased range of motion in a joint (e.g. a knee or elbow), the tester could use a goniometer to assess what the range of the movement is before the intervention, and then make sure the intervention is working in later assessments.

The Large 30cm Goniometer can measure:

  • Neck Flexion & Extension
  • Elevation of Pelvis
  • Hip Flexion & Rotation
  • Hip Lateral Rotation
  • Hip Abduction & Adduction
  • Shoulder Flexion & Extension
  • Shoulder Medial Rotation
  • Shoulder Abduction
  • Shoulder Lateral Rotation
  • Trunk Flexion & Extension
  • Trunk Rotation
  • Elbow Flexion & Extension
  • Knee Flexion & Extension

While other sites are possible, smaller joints such as the ankles, feet, toes, wrists and fingers may be better measured with the Small Goniometer rather than the Goniometer 12-inch version.

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