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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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  • Easy to read, compact device that clips to the finger and
  • Gives instant heart rate and oxygen saturation Sp02 levels between the 70-100% range.
  • Designed for Children and adults can use it.
  • It does not require probes or masks, making it a comfortable device to use.
  • Keeps Sp02 levels in the normal healthy range.

If you’ve been looking where to buy pulse oximeter then this fingertip Pulse Oximeter has an easy-to-read, compact device that clips to the finger and gives instant results.

Shows heart rate and Sp02 levels. This handy device allows you to monitor your vital signs on the go. Just clip it to your finger and quickly see what percentage of oxygen is in your bloodstream: Ideal for children, athletes, the elderly or anyone who needs regular cardiovascular health monitoring.

It does not require the use of probes or masks, making it a comfortable device to use. It is vital for those with respiratory or heart problems or sufferers of medications that can affect oxygen levels to keep their Sp02 level in the normal healthy range.

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is small, and portable enough to be attached to one finger and carried in your pocket. The device detects Sp02 levels using reflected pulse oximetry. This non-invasive method relies on the reflectance of light in arterial blood haemoglobin, which causes a shift in the frequency spectrum detected by the sensor.

It has medical-grade accuracy and is lightweight and portable. The pulse rate range is from 30 to 235 beats per minute.

What is Oxygen Saturation?

Oxygen saturation refers to the fraction of oxygen-saturated haemoglobin in relation to the total haemoglobin (saturated and unsaturated) within the blood. The human body requires and regulates a correct balance of oxygen in the blood. Normal blood oxygen levels in people are considered to be 95-100%

Technical Specification

Specification Size: 56x31x30.5 mm

Weight: 56g (with batteries)

Batteries not included

If your looking to buy pulse oximeter UK then call us on 01244 343106 or order on this page.

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