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Cosmed Fitmate Pro

  • Measure Vo2 Max & Submax
  • Measure Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Portable Testing Device
  • Full-Colour Screen
  • Built-In Printer
  • Includes Windows Software

Cosmed Fitmate Pro

The Cosmed Fitmate Pro provides simplified metabolic assessment during exercise and is a complete sports science solution for cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, calorific use, testing and reporting. The Fitmate is the first and most cost-effective desktop system designed for easy and accurate Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing.

The compact Fitmate unit is ideally suited to use in universities, colleges, health clubs, training centres, corporate wellness, and professional athletes and teams. It allows a wide range of fitness assessments and measurements to be performed, including VO2 max and sub-max VO2 testing.

Nine reasons why every fitness professional, whether working with the active, healthy, fitness enthusiast or professional athlete should be using a Cosmed Fitmate PRO.

  1. Measures both: VO2 max and sub-max VO2 oxygen consumption
  2. Reports: Maximal Oxygen Uptake, Anaerobic Threshold prediction & Individual Training Zones
  3. Measures RMR, REE & Calorific Energy Cost of Exercise for enhanced Nutritional Assessment
  4. Collects and reports Stamina, Strength, Suppleness Cardiopulmonary Fitness Assessment tests and information
  5. Provides Health Risks assessment including body composition & blood pressure
  6. An utterly standalone operation includes a built-in printer for reporting results.
  7. Body Composition & Comprehensive Weight Management, plus optional data-logging data
  8. Automatically determines an anaerobic threshold
  9. Software included offers further enhanced Data Management system, Diet planning, ACSM Exercise Prescription and more

The Cosmed Fitmate PRO is: Accurate, affordable and easy to use. The Cosmed Fitmate PRO desktop unit itself includes a large LCD colour screen, easy-to-use keypad, and built-in printer mean that professional reports can be produced within seconds without the need to connect to an external PC or printer.

The standalone capability of the Cosmed Fitmate PRO to deliver cardiopulmonary exercise and metabolic testing makes the Cosmed Fitmate PRO a truly unique option for the sports science practitioner, professional personal trainer, health club or gym to deliver exceptional added value services to their clients and members.

Fitmate PRO determines overall fitness through measurement of anthropometrics, cardiovascular, muscular fitness and flexibility. The ability to collect data for Muscular Fitness, Flexibility Assessment in addition to standard measures of cardiopulmonary & metabolic data ensures the report is comprehensive assessment information.

The facility to input Body Composition analysis data is vital for determining the amount of body fat and lean mass that is contributing to overall body weight — monitoring body composition while on a weight loss program will enable individuals to assess the percentage of the body.

Users can calculate an individual’s average energy expenditure for a specific exercise or training session, measure resting metabolic rate (RMR) precisely and use daily caloric intake data to create extensive tailored programs for weight reduction, maintenance and increase based on professional recommendations.

Personalized Weight Management Program to determine calorific requirements based on metabolic rates, lifestyle calorie use & exercise training calories use. And Daily Nutritional Needs Calculates calorific needs and energy output to ensure a proper calorific intake below your energy output to induce healthy, gradual weight loss.

The Fitmate’s ability to measure Energy Expenditure during Exercise is a unique feature of the device. It enables specific, measurable, attainable, realistic goals to be set in a period. Goals that consist of these attributes will increase motivation.

Monitor progress, the sport & exercise science can make the direct and measurable comparison a subject can walk on a treadmill until they have used the energy (calories) found in a chocolate bar!

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Measuring oxygen consumption and utilization while at rest, gives an accurate measurement of one’s calorie expenditure while resting. This provides valuable information to aid weight loss or gain as diet can be manipulated to suit each individual’s caloric needs.

Exercise Prescription: Is a powerful PC based software feature, uses the information collected from the Fitmate PRO to generate a training schedule based on the exercise science practical fitness training skills, linked to the guidelines of the American Sports Medicine College and the metabolic and CPET that are collected using the Cosmed Fitmate PRO.

The powerful PC software application allows data to be stored and analysed before automatically generating an illustrated training routine with suggested exercises based on assessment outcomes and facilitating the assessment of Fitness Goals. The software application is a standalone package and can be purchased separately to be used as a fitness assessment, exercise prescription designing and reporting tool, it would, of course, provide an even more impressive service when coupled with the Cosmed Fitmate PRO CPET and Metabolic testing system.

Cosmed has over 25 years experience of in developing products for cardiorespiratory and cardiopulmonary assessment, and the self-calibrating Fitmate PRO offers outstanding levels of accuracy for v02 and resting energy measurement at an affordable price.

Key Features of the Cosmed Fitmate Pro:

  • Measures: Cardio-Respiratory Fitness (VO2max)
  • View V02 & RMR on a Build-in large LCD display
  • The complete solution includes: Pre-test screening & complete fitness test
  • Measures: Resting Metabolic Rate-RMR and resting energy expenditure
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries Highly portable
  • Built-in thermal printer No ink replacement need
  • Includes PC software for database client storage and enhanced reporting & analysis
  • Reports and Predicted values are based on the American College of Sports medicine guidelines for testing and exercise prescription
  • Flowmeter Type: Bi-directional digital turbine for RMR & maximal & sub-maximal exercise testing Highly versatile
  • Utilises Perma Pure Tubing for moisture removal

Kit Includes:

  • Cosmed Fitmate Pro desktop system
  • VO2max & Resting metabolic rate (RMR) digital flowmeter
  • Cosmed Turbine & Permapure
  • Mains supply device charging unit
  • Cosmed heart rate monitor
  • Heart rate wireless receiver: ANT+
  • RMR masks
  • VO2max mask & head cap
  • Suitcase
  • Oxygen sensor (Galvanic Fuel cell)
  • Oxygen sensor extracting tool
  • Ergometer Cable & USB cable pack
  • Antibacterial filter, nose clip & soft mouthpieces
  • cosmed fitmate pro manual
  • Thermal Print paper roll

Technical Specification:

  • O2 Analyser GVC (Galvanic Fuel cell) – Long life: 12-18 months
  • Ventilatory Flow range: up to 4L/sec
  • Interface : USB- A (PC), USB-B (printer) RS 232 (ECG/EKG, treadmill and bike) & ANT+ heart rate port
  • The Desktop unit’s full weight: 1200g (2.1bs)
  • Dimensions : 198 x 238 x 76 mm
  • CE mark: Fitmate meets the European Directive 93/42 on medical device

The device comes with free shipping consumable items including new O2 cells and permapures, COSMED metabolic cart, as well as thermal paper, which are available here.

To discuss cosmed prices and options please call us on 01244 343106 or contact us here.



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