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Cobas b101 CRP Control

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  • Control Solution for C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Testing.
  • Compatible with Roche Cobas b 101 Blood Analyser.
  • Package Contents:
    • 4 bottles of Control Solution, each containing 2mL.
    • 1 Information Disc for data input and calibration.

CRP Test Quality Assurance

The CRP Test Quality Assurance is a key feature of the Roche Cobas b 101 point-of-care testing apparatus. It verifies the device’s reliability and accuracy by benchmarking its results against a standardized control sample.

Data Input for Batch Information

Key details about the control sample, including specific target values and expiration dates, are digitally inputted into the Cobas b 101 system using the provided information disc.

Applying the Quality Control (QC) Solution

For the QC process, the solution is carefully dispensed onto the information disc via an eyedropper specifically for the CRP test. Flip the disc to ensure appropriate volume to check if the blue-marked region is fully saturated with the solution, avoiding excess. Immediate testing is required once the solution is applied to the discs.


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