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At Home PSA Test

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  • Early detection of prostate cancer with 99% accuracy
  • Easy to use at-home blood test
  • Results in just 7 days with secure online access
  • No need for a doctor’s visit or uncomfortable procedures
  • Can detect elevated PSA levels, an indicator of potential prostate cancer
  • Convenient, discreet, and confidential testing option
  • Suitable for men over the age of 40 and those with a family history of prostate cancer
  • Can help monitor changes in PSA levels over time and track the progress of treatment
  • Affordable alternative to traditional prostate cancer screening methods
  • Includes a personalized health report and access to telehealth support from a licensed physician

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, and a study has shown that every 13 among 100 men can have this problem. Your age and genetics play a crucial role in determining the chances of prostate cancer. Many people experience its symptoms but don’t bother paying attention to them. 

Checking for PSA levels is the first step for detecting whether you can develop cancer. With an at-home PSA test kit, things are much easier as you don’t have to visit labs in person to share the sample.

imaware PSA Kit Overview

One problem that people face while checking for PSA levels is complicated tests. People don’t have time to visit the lab, and the self-test kits can be difficult to use. The Prostate Cancer Screening Test kit made things easy by offering a simple way to collect samples. The kit comes with detailed instructions, so the overall task won’t take more than two minutes.

Inside the kit, you’ll get two needles to draw the blood and one card with a designated area where you drop the blood drops. You also get a foiled bag to keep the card in before you send it to the lab. The card shows where your blood should reach before you stop adding more. On average, it won’t take more than four big blood drops, but sometimes it might take more.

You’ll need to check for PSA levels if you see any of the following symptoms.

  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Erectile dysfunction

Your levels are normal if you have less than 2.5ng/ml PSA. The higher the levels are, the more chances you have to develop prostate cancer. Don’t worry; if you take preventive measures as soon as your reports show higher levels, you can lower the PSA levels and avoid further problems.

Healthline, one of the most trusted and famous websites for health information, has marked this testing kit and the lab results as the most accurate. You only need to purchase the kit. The shipping charges for delivering the kit and sending the lab results are on the company.

imaware PSA Kit Features

This at-home PSA test kit is the best option if price is not an issue. Here are some of the prominent features this screening kit offers.

  • Easy to Use

This one is relatively easy to use compared to many other PSA test kits. On top of that, it comes with an instruction manual. Furthermore, every component in the kit has instructions written on it.

You get two pins to poke the finger for blood samples, two organic alcohol wipes to clean the skin, and a card to collect the samples. Be careful while using the card, as you only get one in the package. There is also a foil bag to keep the card safe when you send it to the lab. In addition, there is a learning video on the website showing the entire process.

  • Quick Results

You can send the results to any approved labs, and they’ll try to send the results within seven business days. The best part is that they keep you updated with the progress, and if there are delays, you’ll get a notification in your email. The lab will send the results in your email and notify you via SMS.

  • Accurate Results

Not only is this kit easy to use, but the labs partnered with this company provide the most accurate results. You can even send the results back for a recheck or try another lab, but you’ll get the same results. The best part is that they provide details of the issues that are altering the PSA levels and whether they’ll lead to prostate cancer. In addition, they share which doctor you should visit with the reports to get the right medicines. If things are not severe, they give you recommendations on how you can improve PSA levels naturally.

  • Free Shipping

Everything, including the shipping cost for delivery and sending it to the lab, is covered in the price you pay for this PSA blood test kit. In addition, they only take 48 hours to send the product to your doorstep, and it comes with a warranty. On the other hand, if anything in the box is missing or not working, you can ask for a replacement. Even if something were to happen by the lab, the company instantly provides you with a replacement kit, free of cost.

imaware PSA Kit Key Details

Here are some key details of the imaware PSA kit.

  • This PSA kit is easy to use as it comes with detailed instructions. There are no risk factors involved in the entire process as long as you follow the instructions.
  • There is a spare part of everything, so you can always have a backup in case you mess with any component on the first try. The only single thing is the blood sample card.
  • The website accepts FSA/HSA cards, so you can cover your purchasing expense with your health insurance.
  • With quick delivery of the product and the results, you’ll know your PSA levels within a week.
  • The company has excellent customer support to answer all queries related to the product and the results.

imaware PSA Kit – Our Review

imaware PSA Kit is an excellent tool for checking for elevated PSA levels. You can easily do this at home, following the guidelines available on the website and the manual it comes with.

The Box

Starting from the box, it is resealable, so you can send the product to the lab in the same box. Opening the box, you’ll see the collection device, which is a card. The alcohol pad is an excellent addition to wipe the tip of your finger before using the lancet to prick the finger. 

They added two lancets, and you can use it on any finger and press it until you feel a pinch and the blood starts to come out. This is convenient, so you can use the second lancet if the first one doesn’t do the job well.

Here Is What You Should Do Before Using the Kit

Before using the imaware PSA Kit, hydrate yourself, and warm your hands, especially your fingers. You can use the lancet on any finger, but we recommend using it on the ring finger since it is not as calloused as other fingers.

After pricking the finger, discard the first blood drop on tissue paper. Do not use the alcohol pad, as you might need it again. 

Warming up the hand comes in handy since you’ll be pressing the finger to draw blood; it will be less painful.

Gently Add the Blood and Send the Sample

Adding blood to the collecting device is even easier. There is a marked box, and you must drop four to five ladybug-sized blood drops on it. While adding, ensure you are not touching the device with your finger. 

Check the card; it has three lines; after adding the blood drops, make sure they reach the first line as indicated on the device. Don’t move the card; just wait for a couple of seconds, as it happens automatically. Another reason the second lancet is useful is that if you didn’t get enough blood from the first session, do it again and drop some blood on the card. 

Let your sample dry for 30 minutes. In the meantime, use the bandage that arrived in the box to cover the finger and get some rest. Add your name on the card and put it in the foil bag and press the top ensuring that the bag is tightly sealed. 

What Could Have Been Better

The only downside of this product is that there is only one card, so you have to be careful, or you’ll need another card. The lab won’t be responsible for inaccurate results if you use a third-party collection card. Also, don’t touch the collection material, or the contaminated space might add bacteria to the blood, which messes up the results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What will happen to my body if PSA levels are high?

With age, your PSA levels increase, causing issues in urination and pain in the abdomen. With higher PSA levels, you’ll experience painful urination regardless of your water intake, lower abdomen pain, enlarged prostate gland, pain in the pelvic area, and frequent urination. These symptoms can lead to prostate cancer or kidney stones if not treated at the right time. All these issues required a different solution, so be sure to try the PSA test and send samples for reporting.

  • What will my PSA test results tell me?

A prostate-specific antigen test will let you know the PSA levels, which you can share with the labs to check if they are normal or leading to something severe. These results can tell you whether you can develop prostate cancer. PSA testing is the simplest way to detect prostate cancer. In addition, you can check your PSA levels and compare them to understand the changes in your prostate health.

  • How to do an at-home PSA test?

PSA tests are the same as blood tests for detecting prostate cancer. You can use the at-home PSA test kits to prick your finger and gather a blood sample. Remember to wash your hands and use warm water to promote blood flow. In addition, you can do exercise before taking out the blood. 

The kit arrives with a small needle that you can use to draw blood. Drop two to four big drops of blood onto the designated area of the card, insert the card into the foil bag, and seal it. Your PSA kit contains all these components. Remember to send the samples within 48 hours of getting the kit, and the lab will send the results.

  • How long it takes to get the results?

Typically, you’ll get the lab report within 24 hours after sending the samples. However, if there are lots of people using the same PSA test kits, it might take up to three days before you get the reports. If the results indicate a raised PSA level, the lab might require further tests to ensure if it is a prostate disease, a kidney stone, or something else.

  • How will I get my results?

You need to send the sample in the same packaging it arrived in. Once the lab gets your results, they’ll inform you via email, and it will take around seven business days to send the report. You’ll get the report on the email you entered when creating your account on the website.


A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening test is used to check for the PSA levels that can help you understand your prostate health. With the Prostate Cancer Screening Test kit, you can easily gather blood samples and share them with the labs without any extra cost.

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