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  • YOUR OWN FITNESS GUIDE – Go anywhere you have to but take along with these easy to carry body fat calipers with you so that you can keep a check on your body fat percentage for a super slim you.
  • PULL UP BODY HEALTH – Give a push up to your body health by keeping a check on your body fat with these calipers for body fat made of thermo plastic polymer material for results in no time at all.
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF – To get a BMI measurement tool that gives just right test results, to motivate yourself to work harder, for a no fat slim body that you love, go for the personal body fat tester from Accu Measure.
  • GET DONE WITH THE JOB – Want an accurate measurement of your body fat? Start using the Accu Measure body fat caliper with ball and socket that gives a clear cut feel and a clear sound to let you know when to stop the measurement.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – Accu Measure brings for you a professional grade body fat caliper with a clear scale that can be used by health care people as well as by you for a quick check up at home.



Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, with the reliability and accuracy that is expected of today’s registered medical devices. Recommended in body-for-life and endorsed by the world natural bodybuilding federation, accu-measure personal body fat tools have gold standard accuracy to within 1.1% of underwater weighing results. Comes with an original accu-measure personal body fat tool, men’s and women’s body fat measurement charts, instructions for body fat measurement, body fat tracking chart and questions and answers on body fat. Clinically proven to be more accurate than lengthy, complicated methods costing thousands of dollars. Raised markings provide clear, precise measurements. Patented audible and tactile click ensures correct, consistent and repeatable measurements. Get test results in seconds in three easy steps.

From the manufacturer

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper 8

Measure body fat percentage accurately and privately. Easy to do by yourself!

One site measurement. Just make sure measurement slide is all the way to right, then pinch.

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper 9

Pinch until you hear the ‘click’

The ‘ball in socket’ produces an audible ‘click’ that tells you when to stop pinching.

The measurement slide stops and holds at your result, so you can release the caliper and read it easily.

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper 10

The Accu-Measure is manufactured with durable Delrin plastic in the USA!

A high-grade polymer, Delrin, enables our Personal Body Fat Testers to last through thousands of uses. AccuFitness stands behind its accuracy, durability, and reliability with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Other generic calipers are made from ABS plastic, which is flimsy and prone to snapping.

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper 11

Accu-Measure vs. generic calipers

With a generic body fat caliper, to take your measurement you must try to line up arrows, hold steady and bend over to read your result all at the same time!

Nothing holds your measurement in place!

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper 12

Important information


While standing, firmly pinch the suprailliac skinfold(approxzimately one inch above the right hipbone) between your left thumb and forefinger. Place the jaws of caliper over the skinfold, and press with thumb where indicated on the AccuFitness caliper until you hear a slight click. Repeat three times and use the average of your measurements.

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8 reviews for Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper

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  1. Derek Stephens

    Overall, the calipers work great. Consistent to use and repeatable results. What they don’t tell you is that they aren’t much good if you are under 10% body fat. I’m at about 6% for a show and it read 1.5%, which would not be possible. Would work great for the average Joe.

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  2. AC

    Context:I am a adult male, 5′ 10″, ~175lb, with about 10% body fat. I’ve been tracking my physical measurements for about five years now, just to keep tabs on things. Since I have low body fat and high muscle mass, BMI isn’t a great indicator of healthiness, so instead I’ve been using the Navy body fat formula — BF% = 86.010 x log10 (waist – neck) – 70.041 x log10 (height) + 36.76 — for measurements in inches, or — %BF = 495 / ( 1.0324 – 0.19077 * log10( waist – neck ) + 0.15456 * log10( height ) ) – 450 — for centimeters. This has given me consistent and what seem to be reliable results, +/- 3%, but it is sensitive to small changes in measurement (i.e. 1/8″ variance is equal to about 0.3% BF) and I wanted to test the outcome against a second method to see if they were accurate in addition to being precise.Use:The Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 calipers are easy to use; they have a simple, functional design which will work for most people. The way it works is that the calipers have a slider, which you reset before the measurement. When you take the measurement, you squeeze the caliper together – thus pushing the slide along its rail – until the tab of the little arm clicks into its socket. When you release the pressure, the caliper returns to its open state, but the slide stays put, and you can read the measurement off the rail. All the calipers do is measure the thickness of the skin-fold inserted between the caliper pads, in millimeters. An included chart allows you use that measurement to estimate your body fat %. You can take one measurement – at the suprailliac (supra-illiac) right above the hip-bone, or four from the suprailliac, abdomen, triceps, and thigh, or even more, and use a calculator online to determine body fat % from that. You should probably take the measurement before any exercise or meals, to reduce the possibility of interference from transient factors.Review:I found the calipers very easy to use, though it is still tough to take some measurements without a partner. The suprailliac is easy, as is the abdomen and the thigh, but the triceps is tricky, as is the subscapular measurement on the back. Also, while this is still usable for someone with my body fat content, it’s already a little marginal. Taking one suprailliac measurement returned a bf% of 11%, but taking four returned 8%, and a different four returned 5%, which is definitely wrong. So you need to take a few measurements and average them out. If you watch a couple videos on the subject, you’ll understand how it works very quickly. The slider/rail system, paired with the click-arm, means you can get consistent results and takes a lot of the guess work out of use.So I think I’d recommend this for general BF% tracking, maybe in conjunction with the Navy formula, which is easier to calculate for oneself.

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  3. Cool Guy

    This device sort of works but to get accurate measurements you can’t really rely on the “click” presser button to engage properly. Let me explain. In an attempt to get a consistent reading the manufacturer is using a “Press” lever that gives an audible “click” sound when you press it firmly enough to overcome the plastic-spring tension. The problem is that it takes considerable force to get it to seat into its click-well to stop the feeler gauge at the proper depth. The good news is you can still see “relative” change accurately as you improve in fitness. That is, the scale might read 20 mm of fat pinch at the start of your first day of new fitness program but in a month you might improve to say 18 mm of fat fold (literally thinner). That shows that you lost 2 mm of fat pinch (which tells you from table look up that your body composition is now 1.4% less body fat – great since for a 100 lb male that’s a loss of 2.8 Lbs of solid fat). The problem is that the actual (absolute) body composition is probably higher % fat since that click mechanism takes so much pressure to squeeze the skin fold that it compresses it and artificially lowers the readings. If you were to purchase a more expensive electronic body fat analysizer (which have their own reliability/accuracy problems) then it will usually show a lot more body fat (5% higher body-fat composition than these show). As you lose weight and get down toward an actual real body fat of about 18% the skin fold is naturally smaller and more compact. THEN this will more accurately reflect true body composition (fat %) since there’s less error in squeezing that smaller skin fold a bit harder (it compresses less).But its excellent for seeing relative changes – just don’t get too hung up on the numbers being absolutely correct until you are in that higher healthy body fat composition area – 15%-18% or even lower. As well, there’s something of an art to pinching the correct location ever time and getting good at repeating it to get consistent readings from day to day.Note: Scale Weight is not even relevant in fitness. What’s important is BODY COMPOSITION – percent muscle and percent fat (Scale Weight=Fat weight + Muscle/Lean Tissue Weight). Preserve muscle since it burns 50 calories per day per lb of muscle (higher metabolic energy demand). So if scale weight increases slightly sometimes due to adding new muscle this is a GOOD THING – don’t freak out over the scale weight as the muscle will burn the fat for you automatically. Men should try to get down to 10-15% body fat and women 15-18% body fat (you NEED some fat to keep you alive if you get hurt and are hospitalized and can’t eat well.Simple calculation. If your scale weight is 190 lbs and you are showing 17% body fat by these calibers then you have 32.3 lbs of FAT (190 x 0.17) throughout your body (subcutaneous, organs, visceral) and 157.7 lbs (190-32.3 = ) of muscle/lean/metabolically-active tissue.

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  4. Mich Forman

    Nice product, the seller is very accomodating and helpful with my query.

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  5. Borja Baturone

    Parece bueno pero Dura poco
    Llevo ya varios meses con el. Te llega muy bien, además con dos plicometros en lugar de uno.Las instrucciones son muy laxas, y las tablas muy poco precisas: por ejemplo, en mi rango de edad me dice que si estoy entre 4-5 milímetros (ni lo hay por milímetros), estoy en 10,2% de grasa corporal. Siguiente rango: 6-7, corresponde a 12,6%…Pero lo peor, es que al cabo de un tiempo dejan de funcionar: después de presionar, al soltar la patilla que te indica la medida se mueve mucho, no se queda en el sitio, lo que hace imposible tomar la medida. Mucho es que en lugar de 5mm por ejemplo, me sale 20mm… me paso con y uno, empecé a usar el otr que me venía, y al poco me paso con el segundo. Con lo que solo te sirve un par de meses como mucho.

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  6. Alex

    Difettoso e impossibile da restituire, compratelo a vostro rischio!
    Un gran bel pacco stavolta con Amazon. Il plicometro ha il cursore di misurazione troppo lento e non rimane fermo in posizione, per cui è impossibile da utilizzare. Vorrei cambiarlo, ma non so per quale motivo quando provo a restituirlo mi viene fuori “Questo articolo non è idoneo al reso.” Complimenti ad Amazon. L’ARTICOLO E’ DIFETTOSO, non è un capriccio!

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  7. Dario

    Sinceramente, mi aspettavo di più…
    Mi dispiace, ma mi aspettavo molto di più da questo plicometro. La plastica è di quelle economiche e molte volte, nella fase di misurazione si blocca, perchè il “pioletto” non entra in sede.Acquistato al costo di 23€, per un pezzo di plastica…

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  8. Francesco

    Molto impreciso, la tacchetta di misurazione si muove in maniera casuale una volta aperto il plicometro e prima che si riesca a leggere il valore. Dovrebbe avere un po’ più di attrito con il plicometro così che sia un po’ più difficile che si sposti semplicemente muovendolo per leggerlo.

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