Multistage Fitness Tests

The Multistage Fitness Test is arguably the most recognisable maximal aerobic capacity test available. Widely utilised by the uniform services as an indicator of 'fit-for-task', with corresponding benchmarks based upon gender and age.The test is administered over a 20metre runway with marker cones at either side; the CD provides audio instructions and constant guidance regarding which level in the progression participants are on and a regular 'beep' to denote the point at which you need to arrive at the line and turn. The CD also has three additional audio tracks which can be used as a 'field testing' benchmark for multi-directional sports; they are eight mins in duration at level 7, 11 or 15 respectively. A useful metabolic conditioning tool, particularly for football athletes.

The instruction manual included with the CD, provides a breakdown of predicted Max VO2 based upon the level and shuttle number the participant dropped out at. Simple to administer, yet effective at providing valid data for predicted maximal oxygen uptake via a progressive running test.