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Metal Sit and Reach Box for easy flexibility assessment 

This sit and reach test box is great for measuring leg, hip and trunk flexibility. The sit and reach box is used by emergency Services for entry protocol assessment. The test is also a core element of Schools fitness equipment. You will often see many Health Clubs to use the box to test client flexibility. 

The metal box uses a fixed baseline which is either 15cm or 30cm depending on protocol used. The 15cm can also help measurement of subjects with less mobility range. The equipment facilitates a fixed baseline protocol to measure forward flexion. 

The cursor provided tracks accurate measurement, the kit also includes instructions and normative data. 

The sit and reach test equipment also forms part of the Eurofit Physical Fitness Test Battery. This set of nine physical fitness tests covering flexibility, speed, endurance and strength. 

It was set by the Council of Europe for children of school age. The tests can take 35 to 40 minutes, using the simple equipment.

Please note this product requires assembly.  The pack includes 8 pan head bolts and assembly instructions.

Because this box is UK made it now costs a lot less than those imported from China similar to those seen on Amazon and Newitts. 

Key Features:     

  • Metal construction includes storage compartment within design Sturdy and robust
  • Hard wearing and scratch resistance measuring scale
  • Magnetic cursor for more accurate measurement
  • 2 baselines either 15 cm or 30 cm for sit and reach box measurements

Sit and reach test equipment includes:

  • Cartwright Fitness Sit & reach box
  • Pan Head Bolts x 8
  • Measuring Marker (Cursor)
  • Assembly Instructional manual
  • Test instructions and normative data

Technical Specification:

  • Scale units: Centimetres
  • Graduation : 0.5cm
  • Scale range : 70cm
  • Weight : 8kg 

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