police walk test

The Chester Treadmill Police Walk Test

This test is an adaptation of CTWT and has been developed by Professor Kevin Sykes as an alternative test to the 15m Shuttle Run for the fitness assessment of police officers in England and Wales

Following theoretical calculations, practical manipulations and laboratory trials of different speeds and gradients to match the aerobic fitness standards of the […]

bodymetrix personal

The End of BodyMetrix Personal Ultrasound

In the next month or so, the BodyMetrix Personal body fat measurement tool will no longer be available. We are now down to the last few units with very few available worldwide too of this powerful ultrasound deviceThis isn’t a tactical sales strategy to create scarcity and drive more sales, it’s simply the truth. Intelametrix the guys in the US who […]

vertical jump test

Vertical Jump Test Normative Data

Instructors and coaches use the Vertical Jump Test to measure an athlete’s jumping height from a stationarystanding position. An athlete takes a first jump test to establish a benchmark and from then on the test is taken periodically (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) to track improvement. The type of jump performed in the Vertical Jump Test […]

sit and reach

Sit and Reach Normative Data

The sit and reach test is a common fitness test that measures the flexibility of your lower back and hamstrings. The test is simple to perform and only requires a few minutes to complete. This post includes normative data that can you can use to measure progress over time.

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