Improve Performance In 14 days with PowerLung

Improve performance in 14 days with PowerLung

Here at Cartwright Fitness we’ve gone a bit crazy for the PowerLung and wanted to tell you why!PowerLung can improve breathing and performance by using it for just a few minutes each day. From those with limited mobility or disability to elite athletes – it benefits all.

Breathlessness can be a real barrier for some people, it can even stop people from exercising. Consider someone who may be overweight who is told to do some exercise for health reasons but because of the weight they carry, they become out of breath before they can get much exercise done.

That sense of breathlessness is when the respiratory muscles do more than they can handle. It is not a nice feeling, and it can put you of walking up the hill to the shop rather than driving. Or at times, pushing yourself on to achieve competitive results and a personal best.

The good news is, there is an easy and inexpensive way to help reduce this breathlessness. What you need is some light weight training on those respiratory muscles! This is where PowerLung comes into play.

PowerLung is a form of light, weight training for the lungs. By using the device twice a day for 10 minutes, you will start to see the results of better breathing.

PowerLung strengthens your lungs, using an adjustable resistance. This trains the respiratory muscles when you inhale and exhale. That’s the same as you would do with weight training in the gym on any other muscle on the body.

This resistance is threshold resistance. The resistance can be increased over time by twisting two cells on the device. You will notice a real difference in two weeks of starting your training program.

As your lungs start to get stronger and the reps completed become easier, you can add more resistance. This is like weights in a gym, it’s the simple principle of overload followed by good recovery.

Here’s how PowerLung works

PowerLung uses something called threshold resistance, these are two clever cells that change the load on the device.

By using PowerLung, you train the lifting and lowering of the weight by inhaling and exhaling.

Powerlung allows you to increase and decrease the resistance as you improve.

In the same way, as you would add weights in a gym to strengthen muscles, when considering a respiratory trainer, make sure it can train both inhale and exhale.

PowerLung does feature minor overlap with the TrainerBreatheAir, and AireStream models. For example, the lowest level of resistance is the same as the highest level of resistance on a lower model.

The Sports model is the only PowerLung model that does not overlap. It has an intense range of resistance not like the other models.

By training with the device over time, you will reach the greatest level of resistance. But, you will most likely reach near the end of one but not the other. It is typical to arrive at the highest level of inhaling before you reach the largest level of exhaling

Here’s an example – the greatest resistance on the BreatheAir is similar the lowest level on the Trainer model.

Benefits of PowerLung

PowerLung was the first strength training device with both exhale and inhale adjustable resistance.

Breathing training can yield large improvements with small effort. Athletes and trainers use aerobic exercise as a way to increase breath capacity. Research shows aerobic exercise does little to strengthen the 12 muscles in respiration. A breakthrough in breath training, PowerLung, now raises the cardio-pulmonary bar.

The simple handheld unit employs adjustable resistance. You can build both the strength of your inhale and exhale muscles. This results in increased breath capacity and better endurance.

Here are some respiratory training results from studies conducted with various groups:

  • Athletes were able to move more air with fewer breaths
  • Improved endurance performance in football players
  • 16.7% improvement in endurance performance of sprint athletes
  • 12% improvement in walking treadmill test for elderly women
  • Improved lung function in cross-country runners

PowerLung exercises and how to use it

Improve your lungs and breathe with these PowerLung exercises

The PowerLung device is adjustable for both inhale and exhale functions. Large, and easy to turn dials set your threshold of resistance to each function. Start from a level that you find comfortable and work up as you get stronger.

For optimal training of your breath, perform the sequence below twice a day:

Step 1 – Inhale and exhale through the PowerLung

Step 2 – Repeat repetitions 9x

Step 3 – Take a short 2-3 minute break

Step 4 – Repeat these steps two more times for a total of 27 repetitions

The Science

Breathing plays a significant role in your periphery muscle performance. This means shortness of breath can be the limiting factor in athletic performance.

“Bulking up” and other strength activities can diminish this expansion capability.

Other devices fail to train the full range of respiratory muscles. This limits workouts to either inhale or exhale and force only chest-breathing.

The PowerLung Trainer Model

The Powerlung Trainer is the model of choice for most biohackers. The resistance in the Trainer model is for those in excellent physical condition. This is for those looking to benefit more from their training and exercise regime.

This model is perfect for swimmers, runners, golfers, tennis players or cyclists. Or those who perform at a high aerobic or endurance level.

It’s also ideal for performing artists specialising in wind instruments or professional singers. It will improve endurance and breath control and will also reduce the risk of injury due to muscle strain or over performance.

Athletics – Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

A marathon runner may never breathe hard during his or her race. But, if the breathing muscles fatigue they will shut down the legs. A golfer doesn’t breathe hard during an activity, but if the breathing muscles get tired it can affect their skill level.

Training with PowerLung Improves 12+ Sets of breathing muscles

PowerLung respiratory training enhances the power of your breathing muscles, accessory breathing muscles, and the deep core muscles:

Muscles around the lungs used to inhale: diaphragm, external intercostals, and the interchondral part of the internal intercostals

Muscles around the lungs required for exhaling: internal intercostals, the rectus abdominals, and the external and internal obliques

Accessory muscles: sternocleidomastoid and the scalenes.

Core body muscles: transverse abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, the multifidus, and the lower trapezius.

PowerLung resistance training will not only strengthen your breathing muscles, it will also help you become more efficient at drawing and expelling air.

PowerLung products are for exercise only. PowerLung is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult a physician before using PowerLung if you have a medical condition. Ask your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

PowerLung V’s PowerBreathe

Some respiratory trainers only train the inhale respiratory muscles. This type of training is okay for starting out and better than doing no respiratory training at all.

But consider people lifting weights in a gym. Most would lift and lower weight, working only the lift or lowering doesn’t work the full range of motion. That’s why we train the inhale and exhale parts of the breathing cycle.

How to get started

When people think about the training, they often think of long and enduring sessions. You can get huge benefits in your health and increase performance in sport in 5-10 minutes a day.

We’re hooked, we practice every day, after all, it only takes 5-10 minutes! Start planning PowerLung into your daily schedule and start seeing the benefits.

To make the most of your device we recommend regular training. The time of day doesn’t matter as long as you get the recommended repetitions in. Research has shown that those who keep a training diary are more likely to continue with a program. This is why we have produced a free one that will allow you to keep track of your progress.

Download this PowerLung training log, and keep track of your progress and improvements.

Cartwright Fitness is the PowerLung UK and Ireland distributor. If you would like advice on choosing the best PowerLung for you, please call us on 01244 343106.

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