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How to Build a Sit and Reach Box

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you may already own one of our boxes, If that the case then below you will find detailed instructions on how to put your box together and also a helpful video.

If you don’t own one yet check out our sit and reach box here

Here are a few reasons why this box is the best on the market:

  • we purchase premium-grade UK steel for our boxes
  • heavy duty design for high traffic use
  • powder-coated steel to ensure a great hard wearing finish
  • we integrate the screw threads meaning less faff with nuts and bolts and its easy to assemble
  • features an integrated storage compartment (see the quick video below)
  • it has two baseline measurement protocols which are easy to adjust, with just 4 screws to move between 15cm and 30cm baselines

The pack comes flat and weighs approximately 7kg. Once you have opened up the pack you will be able to put the box together in just a few minutes. 

The premium sit and reach flexibility pack contains 8 elements in total: 

  •  6 separate power coated steel sections
  •  a pack of screws 
  •  plastic slider 

We find it easiest to lay all the parts out on the floor. A carpeted floor works great and protects the powder coating, but the box can be assembled anywhere.

Building the sit and reach box

The image below shows the panel with 4 folds and 4 threaded screw holes

Sit and reach box section, Reach Box
The panel shown below has two folds and 4 holes

Sit and reach box side panel

1 side with 2 folds, 4 holes plus a large hole

Sit and reach box lockable panel

1 side with just one fold shown below

second sit and reach lockable panel

1 top with printed measurement scale – shown in below image along with 8 screws.

Here’s how to put our box together in minutes with just a Phillips head screwdriver.

Firstly, lay the large printed measurement scale face down. Before you take the next step decide which protocol you want to set.

If you want to set a 15cm baseline, build the box from the hole as pictured by the screwdriver. For reference, zero on the scale is on the far left as we look at this image below.

Sit and reach box 15cm setting

For a 30cm baseline, begin the build at the point shown below. 

30cm setting for sit and reach test box

Once you have determined this, place the side panel with four folds and screw holes at the baseline (do not screw in yet). 

First panel sit and reach box

Next place the panel with two folds onto the baseline measurement hole, so it sits outside the panel with four folds. You can now screw these three pieces together. 

2 panels on the sit and reach box

After you have attached the screws to the left hand side of the joining panels as above, add the next panel with four folds as shown below. 

3 sections build on sit and reach box

Secure these using screws as per the left-hand side, then add the final panel to form the base cube. Note that this has a small hole, put this hole to the top. 

4 sections on sit and reach box

At this point you will be left with one last panel, this is the base. It slides on and off to create a storage compartment. 

lockable compartment sit and reach box

Slide it right across making sure that it goes over the fold to create a flush and solid finish. Take a look below to show the base in its fully closed position. 

sit and reach box upside down

The hole you can see in the centre can fit a lock if you want to store equipment in here, such as hand grip dynamometers, BodyMetrix ultrasound systems or anything else you choose. 

close up of sit and reach box

So there you have it, flip the box over carefully and you can begin to measure using your new sit and reach flexibility box. 

sit and reach box complete

If you have any questions or still need some help please call us on 0124 343106 or contact us.

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