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Health Screening Equipment & Consumables

Here is a list of the recommended equipment and consumables.


Cosmed Fitmate Pro

BodyMetrix BX2000 Professional Ultrasound System

Roche Cobas b101 System

New Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2)



Cosmed Fitmate o2 Sensor Replacement Kit

Cosmed Fitmate Permapure Replacement Tube

Cosmed Fitmate Thermal Paper 3 Roll Pack

Cobas b 101 HbA1c Panel 10pc

Cobas Consumables

Whilst test kits will often have a 6-12 month expiry, depending on demand and dates of batch manufacture this will vary. We don’t have any CRP test kits with expiry dates of 12 months

Roche guarantees a minimum of 2 months’ shelf life, if you require longer-dated stock you need to let us know at the checkout.

Cobas b 101 Lipid Panel 10pc

Cobas CRP Panel 10pc

Cobas b101 HbA1c Panel Control

Cobas B 101 Lipid Panel Control

cobas b 101 CRP Control

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