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The End of BodyMetrix Personal Ultrasound

BodyMetrix Personal is no longer available for sale.

This isn’t a tactical sales strategy to create scarcity and drive more sales, it’s simply the truth. Intelametrix the guys in the US who developed BodyMetrix have decided to end the Personal home ultrasound scanner and focus attention on the BodyMetrix Professional and developing this system further. The Professional version of BodyView, the powerful software that accompanies BodyMetrix that is hugely popular with pro sports teams, physiotherapists, personal trainers, aesthetic and obesity clinics.

Tracking changes to muscle allows you see if you are replacing fat with muscle on any given measurement site.

While this may be the end of the personal version of BodyMetrix, Intelametrix in the US has been busy developing a new variation of BodyMetrix designed for schools and colleges to educate on ultrasound. I have recently seen the prototype of the software, and I have to say its impressive and will be great as a teaching tool in science and for sports departments to calculate body composition accurately.

There is also the option for schools to add to the body composition and muscle measuring capabilities too.

This new device will be coming onto the market in the next few months which narrows down the offering from Intelametrix to the BodyMetrix Professional BX2000 Deluxe and the BodyMetrix Education Pack; we are yet to decide on a name.

The BodyMetrix Personal has been a huge success for muscle and fat testing, and we will be sad to see it go. It’s allowed small groups and families to tap into the power of ultrasound body composition at an affordable price point and has answered the question of how to measure body fat at home accurately and has also provided an alternative to scales that measure muscle mass with precise tissue thickness measurements using ultrasound, it really has been one of the best tests for body composition for those looking to  measure body fat at home

It has also allowed personal trainers of small groups to use the handheld body fat monitor to track body fat percentage, fat thickness and all-important muscle changes.

When you first load the software, you’ll see this screen add a new profile or open an existing profile up, remember the BodyMetrix Personal goes beyond fat measurement and can track up to 5 users at any one time tracking changes to muscle tissue thickness and body fat measuring. You can measure as many people as you like, it can only keep the trend data for five, though.

BodyMetrix Personal Homescreen

You will notice an administrator option on the bottom left opening this up allows you to choose the measuring mode and your preferred measuring units. If you’re using a touchscreen device such as a tablet or Ipad, you can also allow that here.

Skin management changes the look of the software if you don’t like the blue.

BodyMetrix Personal Units

Creating a new user profile couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is add a few details about the individual, and you are ready to begin taking measurements, If you work in metric or imperial you can change this in the admin mode. Athletic type gives three options, non-athletic for sedentary individuals, athletic for those who engage in some activity and finally elite for professional athletes or those with already low body fat percentage levels.

While this may appear to be rather subjective. As long as the same athletic type is chosen before measurements, then you will have a not problem here.

BodyMetrix Personal Client Profile

Once you have created a new user profile. You enter the analysis screen. This allows you to begin measuring using the handheld device plugged into your USB port. Shown below is the body composition screen. It collects all of the data and even has a neat basal metabolic rate calculator with activity multiplier.

Using the Current Formula Used drop-down menu, you can select from 11 body fat formulas such as jackson-pollock skinfold method or the  7 site skinfold test

It’s common to see two strong signals when taking measurements of actual fat thickness. The first is the fat and muscle interface, the second where muscle and bone meet. Measurement data shows the amplitude or strength of the ultrasound signal across the Y axis and the thickness of fat tissue in millimetres across the X axis.

Health Tab BodyMetrix Personal

Once you have collected measurements its time to move to the trends tab. From this screen, body weight, body fat % and circumference trends can be displayed. If you want to export the numerical data you can just hit the “Show Data” tab on the bottom right hand of the screen. The data can be exported to CSV.

Trends Tab BodyMetrix Personal

The final tab of the personal body fat readers software is where BodyMetrix stands apart from all other portable body composition devices with its ability to take live tissue cross-sectional scans and see subcutaneous adipose tissue and deep subcutaneous tissue interfaces.

If you are engaging or have clients working on weight loss that the loss is fat and not water loss or even worse muscle loss. This feature also allows for you to compare left and right to identify muscular imbalances that may contribute towards injury if left untreated.

Using this feature at regular intervals will ensure that your exercise program is going in the right direction.

6Live Scan BodyMetrix Personal

While the BodyMerix Personals days may be numbered, it is still possible to get hold of a unit here.

What’s also important to remember is that this software system can be upgraded if needed to get the professional version at a later date.

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