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Validating weight loss for clients

One of the most dominant features of the BodyMetrix Ultrasound System is its ability to show changes to muscle.

Why would this be important? Well for someone engaging in an exercise program, the ability to retain or even gain muscle while potentially losing body fat is a tricky thing to measure.

Sure, it ok to have your clothes feel a bit looser or take measurements with a tape measure on different parts of your body. This shows reductions overall but reductions in what?

When an individual engages in a weight loss program, it’s often the case that they lose weight from both fat and muscle from around their body. Often this could be what you see or feel when clothes feel that little bit looser.

Some people may even think, fantastic I’ve lost weight and perhaps it doesn’t matter if its a bit of fat and muscle. However, the real power for long-term health and wellness is keeping as much muscle as possible but reducing fat.

Knowing how much muscle clients have and then regularly tracking it to see that the changes are due to a reduction in unhealthy fat is extremely powerful.

The simple fact is that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest while you are not working out. We’re not even talking about big huge muscles here either.

According to more than one study has shown that untrained men who lifted weights could burn an extra 30-35 calories for each pound of muscle gained.

These numbers differ between studies, but all conclude that you do indeed burn more calories with additional muscle tissue. That’s why this is such a good thing to track for yourself or your clients.

This is why top trainers such as Charlotte Ord Personal Trainer of the Year 2010 & 2014 choose BodyMetrix moving away from scale only weight and delve a little deeper, taking the non-intrusive and quick measurement that shows changes the that can have a huge impact on clients.

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