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Does Body Fat Percentage Matter?

Something we really like about the BodyMetrix is that fact that the ultrasound technology measures fat and muscle thickness.

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It takes a direct measurement from the same sites as skinfold calliper measurement, and using the ultrasound echo signal shows where tissues structures meet.

Simply put, where fat stops and muscle starts and where muscle ends and the signal meets bone. This is the simplest way we have come across to actually see changes to body composition, all whilst maintaining great accuracy.

I use the BodyMetrix device and track 3 points on my body, in particular, the thickness of fat and muscle in each of these areas. If I was working with clients or wanted to track more than just myself and 4 other profiles, I would use the BodyMetrix Professional. In fact, the BodyMetrix Professional has a number of other comprehensive features which we will cover on another future post.

For me I’m less interested in the overall body fat percentage reading, that’s just my preference. Whilst overall body fat percentage is important and both the BodyMetrix devices give this result, true fat and muscle thicknesses are the numbers I am looking to track. It’s so simple, but highly effective.

We often talk about weighing scales not giving a great insight into what’s really going on beyond, well… weight.

Here’s an example, I tend to do a lot of aerobic exercises, as a result, my scale weight fluctuates, if it goes down, am I losing body fat or am I losing muscle, or vice versa.

What I tend to find is that I can often start eating into valuable muscle tissue, this could be detrimental to my training efforts and is something I want to avoid.

Simply weighing myself wouldn’t give me the insight I need to the changes happening in my body but by regularly tracking the changes to the thickness of fat and muscle as well as my overall weight, I am able to adapt my training and nutrition to ensure that my body is in a optimal state for sports.

It doesn’t take long at all to track these changes using the BodyMetrix. I am usually done within 10 minutes tops. This is one of the simplest things you can do to enhance your sporting performance, and something to consider rather before investing in super lightweight running shoes or road bike frame, could you make improvements by regularly tracking and trending your progress with the BodyMetrix Personal.

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