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2X Return on BodyMetrix In One Month

2X Return on BodyMetrix In One Month

If you’re looking to supercharge your health and fitness business, then read on.

These marketing ideas can double your investment in BodyMetrix in under a month.

Even focusing on one idea for as little as a month it is possible to double your investment you make in BodyMetrix.

Corporate Health & Wellness Assessments

Ever considered approaching local businesses and offering wellness assessments for staff? Here’s something we’ve done using BodyMetrix. 

I’m not talking about trying to break into corporate giants in somewhere like Canary Wharf. Look down your local high street. Solicitors, dentist surgery’s, estate agents, there’s lots of smaller companies willing to invest.

But Why?

If a company provides assessments for staff, they build data on the health of staff. If employee’s claim against a company, then the business may have data to support a case.

Businesses also get a lot more from investing in staff wellness, plus as an employer, it’s a nice thing to do.

Many larger organisations have gyms now they understand the importance of staff wellness. In particular, a healthy workforce could take less time off. There’s a marketing angle right there.

Here’s a potential pitch

Hi, I’m {Name} from {Company}

We’ve introduced a new corporate health and wellness package for local SME’s. But before you say no, let me you show you the return on this small investment.

In a recent UK survey, staff sickness cost the UK business an estimated 29 billion per year.How much would it benefit your business if you could reduce staff sickness by say 1%

We have a solution

For a small fee £(You decide based on the company and geographical location) per employee. We can provide health and wellness assessments in-house.

We can help improve staff wellness which may cut the cost of your employee’s sickness bill. If you can prove that you can save a company money, they may buy into the offering.

Here’s the bonus. You are already positioned to offer services to any staff that may fall below a certain level of health.

By always presenting the ROI to businesses and showing the value you are onto a winner.

Identify Imbalances at a Running Shops

Here is a potential up-sell that you can do for local running stores that offer gait analysis or similar. BodyMetrix scan mode can show muscle tissue thickness changes to within 1 millimetre.



Taking a scan of the left and right part of any part of the body could show if there is any imbalance within the muscles.

For example. A scan of the left and right calf could show an imbalance that may be contributing towards injury. Or be contributing to ailments such as sore hips or knee pain.

Within minutes you will be able to see differences between the two.

To do this, you interpret the measurement data, which our one to one ongoing training provides.

Approach a local run store and suggest a revenue split on assessments. We’ve tested this one on a busy Saturday at a local run shop with great success.

Provide Health MOT’s

Every year we have our car serviced and have a MOT if the vehicle is older than three years old. The funny thing is we don’t do the same with our bodies.

A lot of large health care providers now offer this type of service and charge a lot for them. Take a look at a few of these.

Imagine offering a comprehensive once-over that gives a complete insight into health. Beyond body fat percentage with BodyMetrix you can also track.

  • Muscle imbalance
  • Live tissue scans
  • before and after photos
  • Fitness Data
  • Relative disease risk for things like CHD, stroke and diabetes.
  • Blood pressure, Resting Heart Rate
  • Glucose, Cholesterol,
  • Height, Weight, Waist to hip ratio

Then print out the report like this one or with one click on the software send it to a client.

You could embed the report with a Wufoo form for a PayPal payment for the next assessment.

Your clients will tell friends about the service, and you will get even more client referrals as a result.

You can pitch this to existing customers or offer a free evening to prospective new clients.

Here’s an example. Give a FREE 1-hour health seminar. Giveaway 80% of your best content. Loads of free tips and advice to a prospective audience of new clients, then add the MOT up-sell in at the end.

Gold Standard BODY MOT

£150 for a 70-minute assessment. (We’ve seen this done first hand)

Distinguish Yourself From The Masses. Show prospective clients that the services you provide work.

I have no idea how many private personal trainers and nutritionists there are in my local area, but it is a lot. Most offer a very similar service.

I may be wrong here, but clients don’t want exercises or nutrition. They want results!

While many associate a drop in scale weight as a success. Let me tell you when that’s not always the case.

Someone we worked with had a client on a four-week weight loss program. This included detailed nutrition and exercise advice. After four weeks the client had lost weight on the scales.

Excellent they thought, but was it?

At the end of the four weeks, the trainer took readings using the BodyMetrix to determine the level of fat loss.

To their amazement, there was NO fat loss, and muscle mass remained the same. After a discussion, we concluded that any weight loss was in fact, water loss.

If you are a personal trainer, I can guarantee that almost none of your competitors have this insight. That’s unless they have BodyMetrix.

So here’s the pitch.

Guaranteed FAT LOSS or you don’t pay me a penny!

It’s a no brainer! Get signing up clients now.

Hit your local Tri or Road Club

How about this one for an easy win, make contact with your local triathlon club. The Chester Tri Club has close to 700 members. Triathletes are quite happy to spend a lot of money on kit such as bikes and wetsuits.

Once you have made contact with the club, put together an offer for testing.

Our local Triathlon club here in Chester has close to 700 members, even a 1% sign up would be a success to me.

But after you’ve tested a few people and given them real valuable feedback, then even the sceptics will be keen.

Here’s a potential pitch

Would you like to become more efficient without changing your training or equipment?

The response will likely be – Where do I sign up?

Lightweight bikes can make you more efficient but why not make your body more efficient. I often see people carrying a few extra pounds of weight on super lightweight carbon bikes. It makes no sense!

If you’ve watched the Tour de France, you’ll notice guys like Froome carry little fat. Okay, we are not all going to be like Chris Froome as there is more going on than low body fat and great watt readings. Power to weight ratio is critical, especially in climbing.

That’s the thing while losing fat is the goal. Losing muscle would set back power to weight ratio. So it makes sense to track muscle as well as fat loss.

With BodyMetrix you show them exactly that. You don’t have to coach these guys and girls give them feedback so they can make changes themselves.

Excited yet?

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can double your investment in BodyMetrix in a month.

Like I mentioned it’s not easy but with some work, you can achieve this type of return and more in the first month.

Want to learn more? contact us for an online demo

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